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The heart of Boa Yoga lies in connecting mind and body through nature, an opportunity to release the stresses of modern living and to ground the body, uplift the mind and nurture the soul.


Yoga is a wonderful way to slow down and begin to tap into our emotional body as well as our intuition. My classes are tailored through a holistic approach to wellness and include meditation, breathwork as well as strengthening sequences. Expect to feel that ‘retreat feeling’ of bliss after a class. 

With a range of classes available there is a practise to suit all differing levels and experiences. We take our classes outdoors for Park Yoga, while private 1:1 sessions allow us to work closely on your practise from the sanctuary of your own home.



Suited to your time schedule and in the comfort of your own home, 1 on 1 yoga classes ensure that you get the most out of your practise by working specifically on your yoga goals. 

Nurture Your Nature Through Yoga


With a variety of class options to suit your needs, the classes typically start with a short meditation and breathwork sequence, followed by a slow warm up and dynamic vinyasa flow. Plus every time we comeWe build up to some of the more challenging poses and always make sure to have fun! Lastly, we round off our practise with a sweet savasana.


Having grown up in Africa, a love of nature and mindfulness has fuelled my yoga practice. My retreats are an unforgettable experience, hosted in some of the world’s most beautiful and pristine wilderness areas. Combining wellness and nature holistically, the retreats are the ideal place to spend quality time with loved ones, delve deeper into yourself and reconnect with the curiosity and creativity that nature exudes.



“Her meditations, essential oils and epic playlists make the class dreamy”

— Danielle

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