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Having been born and raised in Zimbabwe, I gained an appreciation for life and nature through our slow and sustainably-focused lifestyle. This has shaped me and my yoga practice, as I found the connection between yoga and nature to be a great source of happiness and health. I have always loved yoga and found it to be a pathway for my own journey into other wellness practices. 

When I was studying at university, I lived near to a yoga studio in the beautiful and remote county of Cornwall, where I deepened by practice and spent time wild swimming, riding horses and learning about farming life and community in the small villages.


When I moved to London, I wanted to have access to world-class yoga training and to use my time to get as much skill and knowledge as possible. This was a real eye-opener into the world of yoga and studio businesses and I quickly learnt a wealth of experience. My self-practise was challenged through the quick pace and demanding lifestyle of London, but it encouraged me to become more resilient in my yoga practice and to deepen and adapt my wellness practices in order to find balance between city living and feeling grounded.


It has been a great gift to meet many different people along my career – from students, farmers, lawyers and business people as well as a whole host of my friends, all of whom I have shared my core belief that yoga can improve their happiness and healthiness and that it really is for each and everyone of them.

BOA Branding Assets_Illustrations-04.png




074 959 2734

Chelsea, London

Harare, Zimbabwe

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