3 ways to upgrade your online teaching offering

While lockdown might be lifting and slowly but surely life starts to resume back to normality, it seems like online yoga classes are here to stay. That is good news for all, since it offers yoga teachers a way to connect with their clients no matter where they may be based. This has opened up so many opportunities for old clients to reconnect with favourite teachers and has made yoga more accessible to people who may have not been able to travel to a yoga studio or have the confidence to try a new class beforehand.

Most yoga teachers will have tried some kind of online teaching over the last year, whether it was on Instagram Live, Skype, Zoom, Youtube or one of the many platforms like Kuula that have been springing up to meet the demand. If you are still on the fence about offering online classes – why not offer your private clients the option to join you online when they are travelling or otherwise would not be able to meet up in person for their session? This would be a way to ease you into teaching online while still offering an excellent option to your clients.

If you have been teaching online, you’ve probably gotten in to the swing of things are are enjoying the freedom and ease with which we can now all connect with each other virtually. Many of us have found it easy to adapt to the online world since all you really need to get going teaching online is a laptop or ipad and yourself! But in the same way that we seek better and more professional yoga studios to teach in, or studio spaces that align more closely with our ethos as a yoga teacher, so too should our home studio become an example of the type of yoga class we would want to put out into the world. Take your setup and see if you can upscale any areas of it so that you can continue to provide your clients with quality classes.

When I did a survey to my clients about half way through the lockdown, I asked what are the most important fact