Everything you need to know about doing a yoga teacher training

Been thinking about becoming a yoga teacher? The great news is that you are at the beginning of a beautiful and transformation journey, not just for your yoga practise but for yourself as well.

The first and most important thing to remember when embarking on the journey to becoming a yoga teacher is to be yourself! What will allow you to learn and enjoy your training as much as you can will depend on how readily you let yourself show up and be authentic throughout the journey. As a yoga teacher, your unique style and personality will set you apart and allow you to connect with clients that resonate with your teachings – so always stay true to yourself and continue to let your inner light shine.

Secondly, your personal or self-practise will be the corner stone of your learning experience and will develop and change as you learn. It will also continue to be a support to you throughout your training and beyond. Try to keep up with a regular self-practise, allowing yourself time to get on your mat and tune in. Some days you will not feel like practising yoga, but it is important that you show up for yourself, even if it is for a 5-minute savasana.

Remember that what you learn throughout your training and from other teachers will be distilled into your own understandings through your self-practise. This is also a time to play, have fun and explore – try to learn new poses or find interesting sequencing for your classes. Allow yourself to flow and your best practise will come naturally.

With those two important points out the way, let’s start the search. You need to look at what kind of training you are after and in what style or type of yoga. This will depend on a number of factors and it is worth setting your boundaries before you begin your search so that you are not overwhelmed – there is a lot of yoga teacher trainings out there!

The most common yoga teacher training could be said to be a 200 hour, in person, part time vinyasa or hatha yoga teacher training. However, some considerations are:

- Length of training – this could be anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 years depending on the intensity of the training and number of hours.