How to create a space at home to practise yoga

The benefits of creating a space to practise at home are numerous and it can be a great way to ease into incorporating a practise such as breath-work, meditation or yoga into your daily routine.This is even more relevant given the times we are living in, with most people working remotely and from home.

It is important to create a space for self-care in your home in order to get the most out of your practise in that space. The more attention and time spent to set up an area will reward you with a deeper connection to your yoga or other wellbeing activity. It can also help you to concentrate and focus - especially helpful if you work from home and have to transition from work to yoga in one space.

The first step is to work with what you have. You may wish you had a spare room to convert into a little yoga studio, but rather try to look at your spaces available with fresh perspective. It may mean moving a coffee table or lamp to another corner of the room or incorporating a different piece of furniture into your practise. Chair yoga or breath-work sitting on the couch is still a valid practise as the set up we see online for professionals or in a studio. You will still gain the same benefits. If all else fails, use your bed!

Secondly, give it a quick tidy. Just by setting a 5 minute timer and doing a quick tidy up around your dedicated space will help draw in your focus and make you feel more relaxed and in control of you time and space. It is also important to make sure you have enough space around you in order to comfortably practice. Wild thing pose? Sure thing!

Thirdly, get your props out. Having everything ready at hand will makes your practise flow smoother and may take you to places you didn’t expect because you allowed for creativity to flow uninterrupted. For yoga, ensure you have your blocks, straps and bolsters nearby. Improvise with books, a scarf and cushions if you don’t have yoga props. For restorative practices ensure you have socks, blankets and pillows to help create an atmosphere of safety and serenity – enabling you to fully enjoy and relax and ground down into the present moment.

Next, set the mood. You want to make sure that you are fully present for your practise, so check that you will be warm enough, have some water nearby and feel the space represents the place you want your practise to take you. Candles and low lighting, gentle music, incense, tarot cards, a small alter or crystals are all things that can encourage you to ground down into your practise.

Once you feel you have created a space that you can immerse yourself in and switch off, think about encouraging a friend to come round and embrace your space too. Practising yoga together or listening to a guided meditation is an alternative to a night out, especially on a weekday, and you are bound to connect with your friend in a new way.

Lastly, respect your space that you have worked so hard to create and make the most of it. Honour it and keep working towards making it as representative of your dream space as you can. Your practise will expand in ways you didn’t realise and it will support you, heal you, nurture you and foster your confidence and creativity – if only you give it the space to do so.

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