Thought about trying meditation before? Read what, why and how to here

Meditation is a wonderful wellbeing practise to have in your toolbox – it can lower our stress levels, improve our focus and enhance our sleep patterns. Once you know how to begin, you will find that meditating is a practise that anyone can do, anywhere!

Meditation is about quietening your mind, drawing your awareness internally and observing yourself as you are. Through this process of meditating, we bring a greater presence to our day, mindfulness to our way of life and peace to some of the difficult situations we find ourselves faced with. Meditating can allow us to find clarity to some of our problems in life or help to show us an answer to a challenging situation.

Like meditation, mindfulness is a skill that we can tap in to and become better at applying throughout our day. Mindfulness is about being truly present in the moment and through this presence we find peace, gratitude and joy for what we are doing. Mindfulness also helps us to restore our body as we take time to rest – since we are not distracted by doing many different things. Mindfulness and meditation go hand-in-hand – mindfulness helps us to be free of the past and not to worry about the future, while drawing awareness into the present moment. In this way, it helps us to come into meditation more easily.