Wellness in Watamu! Why the Kenyan Coast is the perfect place for some time out

Oh the joys of travel – new places, new faces and exciting adventures awaiting. I am sure we are all looking forward to making the most of the summer this year and being able to travel again. One of my recommendations for those looking for a well-deserved break and some indulgent rest and relaxation can be found in a little hidden gem on the coast of Kenya.

Kenya is a beautiful and incredibly friendly country with the powerhouse city of Nairobi at its capital. It is well known around the world for its safari holidays and game viewing tours; however, many people have also come to Kenya to enjoy its beaches and coastal living. With direct flights to the capital from many destinations, including London and South Africa, Kenya is easy to travel to. Add on a short flight from Nairobi to the coast and you will find yourself in one of the most wonderful little towns called Watamu.

With its white sandy beaches and dreamy turquoise ocean, Watamu is the place to go for a ‘DIY retreat’ on your own terms. Accommodation varies from Airbnb style homes, lush villa apartments and resorts so there is something to suit everyone’s style. The weather is hot, dry and sunny – so turn off your mobile, put on your ‘out of office’ and disconnect to reconnect! Start your mornings with a quiet walk down the beach and use this as a time for a moving meditation or self-reflection. Follow this with a swim in the sea to cleanse your body of positive ions and ground yourself for the rest of your day.

There is no shortage of fresh, local produce so use this time to eat healthy with a variety of foods. One of the highlights you will find here are the fresh young coconuts that make the best coconut water to be found! There are two supermarkets in Watamu, Blue Marmalade and Mama Lucy, offering local and imported produce, but there are also plenty of food vendors offering up giant pineapples, bursting watermelons and much more.

A special gem can be found in this little town and that is the Yoga Treehouse – an amazing yoga studio with a beautiful view of the ocean. There are two classes a day at the Treehouse, so it is the perfect place to make you way down to for a sunset yoga class. The open-air studio will leave you feeling in touch with nature and grateful to be in a very unique place. The Treehouse might be one of the most spectacular places to practise yoga, but don’t forget you can always take you mat down to the beach at low tide and tune into your own self-practise. The quietness and easy-going atmosphere of the coast will allow you to find a certain sense of freedom in your yoga – enjoy it!

Not only yoga classes on offer, but there are so many activities to incorporate into your self-retreat in Watamu. From kitesurfing to paddle boarding, birding and nature walks through the mangrove forests – you will be able to explore and adventure to your hearts content! After a long day out in the sun meander your way back into town to one of the many resort spas – Sakina Ocean Spa comes highly recommended with a variety of treatments including specialist massages.

And what would a little rest and relaxation be without a night out on the town?! Favoured as a holiday spot by Italian tourists – you will find all of the delights of pizza, pasta and aperol on your doorstep! Papa Remo’s does a particularly good pizza, followed by a leisurely stroll down to the beach to spend the afternoon snoozing on one of the beach lounges. Sounds good to me!

A wellness week in Watamu might just be what the doctor ordered – a lot of sun, fresh air, healthy food and yoga on tap. You can count me in!


All views are my own and are sponsored in anyway.

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