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Retreats encapsulate the greater concept of long-term, sustainable changes to our wellbeing. They are the perfect combination of time for yourself to reflect and self-enquire, but also time to connect with like-minded people and improve your health and happiness in a beautiful environment. The experience is anti-quick fixes or dramatic programs that attempt to force exercise or wellbeing. Life is more than that – it is about reconnecting to that which unites us all, the elements of the earth. Noticing the colours of the sunset. Eating beautiful, healthy, sustainable food with a glass or two of wine. It the embodiment of yin and yang.


Wellness is a fullness of life and that is certainly felt in the wild, wide open spaces.


These retreats are more than just a safari experience with yoga. Instead it is a pathway for people to learn about other areas of wellness, such as mindfulness, breath-work, the subtle body and holistic eating. For people to connect back to themselves and to reconnect with loved ones. In an exclusive world-class setting coupled with my team of experts, you can dive into a new understanding of yourself and take this with you when you return home.


The combination of the wilderness, the reflection and self-enquiry results in a profound experience with the capability to change one’s life.

My retreats are currently on pause due to the uncertainty around COVID-19, but I will be keeping all those interested updated as life in the 'new normal' resumes. 


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“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees”


– Henry Thoreau


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