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Retreats encapsulate the greater concept of long-term, sustainable changes to our wellbeing. They are the perfect combination of time for yourself to reflect and self-enquire, but also time to connect with like-minded people and improve your health and happiness in a beautiful environment. The experience is anti-quick fixes or dramatic programs that attempt to force exercise or wellbeing. Life is more than that – it is about reconnecting to that which unites us all, the elements of the earth. Noticing the colours of the sunset. Eating beautiful, healthy, sustainable food with a glass or two of wine. It the embodiment of yin and yang.


Wellness is a fullness of life and that is certainly felt in the wild, wide open spaces.


These retreats are more than just a safari experience with yoga. Instead it is a pathway for people to learn about other areas of wellness, such as mindfulness, breath-work, the subtle body and holistic eating. For people to connect back to themselves and to reconnect with loved ones. In an exclusive world-class setting coupled with my team of experts, you can dive into a new understanding of yourself and take this with you when you return home.


The combination of the wilderness, the reflection and self-enquiry results in a profound experience with the capability to change one’s life.

To complete a special holiday away, a dedicated yoga teacher can offer a balance of wellness practises to make your time away truly special. Each bespoke package is created to suit the clientele and their schedule. For those who are hosting their own retreats and require additional support, I am available to join on retreats that align with my ethos and teaching style. 

My retreats are currently on pause due to the uncertainty around COVID-19, but I will be keeping all those interested updated as life in the 'new normal' resumes. 

BOA Branding Assets_Illustrations-04.png

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“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees”


– Henry Thoreau

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