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Meditations are an essential part of not only my self-practise, but also of many of the yoga classes that I teach. There are many benefits to developing your own mindfulness and meditation practise, including reducing stress levels, increasing focus, enhancing sleep and fostering inner peace.


I have created these guided meditations through my qualification in meditation methods and in working with my clients 1:1. These are available to you to download and I encourage all those who have joined me on the mat to keep a daily mediation practise at home - the benefits will speak for themselves. 



Throughout your pregnancy, yoga can provide an amazing support to your journey to motherhood and beyond. These videos have been carefully sequenced to ensure a safe and holistic pregnancy practise. They are perfect to dive into whenever you have the time or to be completed together, one after the other. These prenatal yoga flows are safe for those in their second and third trimesters, but always remember to be kind to your body and listen to how you are feeling.